Friday, January 8, 2010

OK the rest of those holiday photos...

My dad and Judy's house has the most beautiful view. One morning the fog was rolling through and it was just breath taking... Of course my camera skills are not. Oh well.

Dad (Papa Harris) and Noel

Judy (Grandma Ju ju) and Ty

Me and Ty

Myself and the kids at the Greenbrier. We had a great day. We went for a sleight ride, walked around the shops, ate cookies at tea time (actually Noel at too many and threw up that night... alas..). Oh and no she didn't blink. This is the "I don't want to smile at the camera" face. She's been making that face since, oh birth.

I bribed her with candy to smile. It worked!!

Ty got a ball for Christmas. He likes to kick it around.

Christmas tree at my mom's. These are not in the right order, but you'll get the over all feel of Christmas :)

Santa brough Noel her own sunglasses
Ty's a cool dude.... In his sister's sunglasses....

Hamilton is also a cool dude...

Christmas at dad and Judy's with Hammer and Katie

(My) Dad and the kids. There is Noel's un-smile again. Silly girl.

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Natalie said...

Wow, that view is incredible! I thought you did a great job capturing it. Noel looks beautiful in her Christmas dress, and she has such a charming little smile when motivated=) And Ty is such a little charmer. You need to post more often...just a picture a week, is that too much to ask? =) I just love these little updates on your life. It helps me feel like we aren't miles away and we've seen you more recently than, has it been 3 years? Too long! Love you!