Saturday, July 23, 2011

Just some darn cute pics and Eric's 30th Birthday

Call the fire department! On June 15th Eric turned 30! We had a surprise party

Look closely. This is a medical allert bracelet....

It says, "Beware of chicken nuggests." In case you missed it, look back to posts in March.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Jackson's 4 month checkup

Jackson is healthy and happy. He is 27 inches long and 18 LBS 12oz. That is 90% weight, 94% height. I forgot head circumference. The doctor asked if we have tall people in our family. I wanted to laugh, not really! Eric's brothers are only slightly taller than Eric. Brent being the tallest of all 4 at 6ft. Heaven knows I'm not tall, and Ham is average. So are both of our parents. I think when Jacks is 2 and Ty is 4 people are going to be asking me if they're twins! And Noel, sorry honey, despite being 4 1/2, you're still looking at least another year - probably more - until you can legally be in a booster seat in NYS where the requirements are 40LBS.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Taking Down the Barn and Moving Dirt in Argyle

Glenn Fichtner built this barn 36 years ago, he says. It was made from the trees on the property, and dug into the side of the hill. But over time it has become dangerous as the roof was failing, so the boys decided to take it down.

They may be men but really they are still goofy boys

Dave has a friend who let them borrow this.... Eric was in heaven. The bigger they are, the more expensive the toys!! They were also to fix the driveway.

A Little Game of "What Doesn't Belong?"

Here is a little fun for you! In each picture there is something that doesn't belong......