Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas with the Harris Family

The kids and I spent the week of Christmas with my dad and step-mom. We really enjoyed ourselves. I'll up-load more photos later, this is all for now. Katie, my step-sister, just got back from her first semester at college. Ham graduated Virginia Military Institute (with distinction) in May and is now active military. He will be stationed in Germany for 3 years. We are hoping to go visit.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

On vacation and snow in the south!

We left NY on the 10th for our very long Christmas vacation. We stopped for the night at Chad and Caroline's. It was so nice to see them. Then we ventured on our way - stopping at Chick-Fillet since we don't have them in NY and we love their chicken - to let the kids eat and play at their play place. We arrived at the Crosby's not too late in the day. We had a nice dinner with them and the missionaries. Eric had to leave the following day, and it was that day that the kids started to come down with a wicked cold. We loved playing with the Crosby's. It was so warm, we went on a walk with only sweatshirts!! We stayed with them until the 15th when I made the night time 3 hour drive to my mom's. Noel's eye was so nasty, I wasn't sure if I should take her to the doctor... When we went into a store, people looked at me like I beat my child as her eye looked like she had a big shiner. Anyway, but with some cold medicine that of course she isn't supposed to have but I gave to her anyway, it cleared up. I think she had a plugged tear duct and her eye was really irritated from rubbing it and the goob getting in it. So anyway, Ty was just mostly the runny nose man. Poor kid couldn't sleep - his nose would just dry over with boogers and he'd cry and cry, and cough on congestion. Poor little guy (and mom who had to hold him to comfort him every hour all through the night for 5 nights). SOOO then Eric came back from work on Thursday night. Boy was I glad to see him! Friday they were calling for a storm. We had to go out anyway. Kroger, the local grocery store, was a MAD HOUSE as you might imagine. The snow didn't start until after noon. But when it started - oh my - it fell fast! It was so beautiful! I was feeling very blue after a week of no sleep due to the kids being sick and everything was so.... brown... To see the snow was just so wonderful! By the time we got the kids to bed we had a good foot of snow. Eric and I were supposed to get out on a date. Undeterred we went anyway. We had a blast! VA isn't very efficient at snow removal. It was the first time we actually had to drive continuously in 4x4. I told Eric, children sled, adults 4x4. The people at Target looked at us like we were crazy. Well, maybe we were, but we didn't have any problems. Eric is an expert at snow driving - if you've ever been to his childhood home you'd totally understand. This morning however - holy cow! It us up to 18 inches! They haven't even bothered to plow my mom's road. Everyone is literally snowed in! It is so exciting because this never happens in NY. NY is very efficient at snow removal. Even if we have a huge blizzard, you can bet the roads will be clear by noon. Ice is the only thing that brings NY to a halt. Anyway, enough from me. Enjoy the pictures!!! We love you all our friends and family and HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!

Noel wanted a picture with Santa when we went to Walmart (free Santa pics! Thanks Walmart!) But then she decided she was afraid of him.
Noel and Ty getting ready for our trip

Jake and Noel at Chad and Caroline's


Noel and Marika at the Crosby's. They never both smile at the same time and the pic where they were almost both looking happily at the camera, Noel had her foot up in front of the camera.. Go figure!

Ty and Corbin. They are just so cute together.

At the Crosby's writing letters to Santa. Noel wants a Princess toothbrush like Marika.

Snow at Roanoke VA Friday evening....
Noel didn't want to nap (erg) but fell asleep on Eric at 4pm.
Roanoke VA Saturday morning!

Mom's back yard table
"Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful. So since we've no play to go, let it snow,let it snow, let it snow..."

Friday, December 4, 2009

November 2009

We raked leaves and had fun doing it!

Noel liked to drag Ty, who at the begining of November couldn't crawl very quickly, accross the wood floor. He would squeel and laugh like it was the greatest time. Until she'd let go and he'd flop on his face. Then she'd pick him up again and he'd sqeel with laughter, then cry - over and over.

We borrowed a bouncy house for Noel's party and set it up in the gym at our church. We had kettle popcorn and fried bread, "fishing", bowling, and a bean bag toss. Plus coloring on the bean bag toss board but that wasn't planned :) Not to mention, RAINBOW cupcakes which made me so happy!

Thanksgiving at the Jones' House - YUMMY!

Me and Noel having a great day.

Ty is getting more stable on his feet. He holds on with only one hand! Time goes so fast...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

October 2009

We has such a wonderful October. The colors this year were awesome, and they stuck around all month. It was colder than normal, but hey you can't have it all right? Here are some random pics from this month.

These are some sugar cookies I made to celebrate the season.

Ty just learning to move and scoot.

Carving pumpkins with the cousins before Marie and Brian's joint birthday party.

Noel's pumpkin is the little one with the baby face... I helped. Ok so I did most of it. She didn't seems to have much interest. I had a blast.

Ty likes to sit with me while I cook. We had some little potatoes that grew out of our compost that he was playing with. He threw one and I couldn't figure out where in the world it went! Well, when I was switching over the laundry, I found a mighty clean baby potato in the washing machine.

Our tenants came into some money and decided they wanted Eric to take them up in a general aviation plane. So we flew out of Glens Falls, went to Burlington, had lunch, and few home. It was wonderful! It was the first whole day for both of us without either of our children (well since Ty was born). We missed them, but it was a nice break!

Marie, Noel and Ty on Halloween before dinner. We got our ideas from which our friend Kate and her friend Sarah started. It is totally awesome. We had Candy Corn Pizza (use mozzarella and cheddar to make it look like candy corn), and Mummy Dogs which were hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls with mustard eyes. Anyway, Noel just looks so big to me in this picture.

Ty is so silly.

Noel went as Raggedy Ann. She was SOOO cute! I wish she'd smile at the camera for once. In this picture I had forgotten to draw on her triangle nose. I actually wore this costume (from a life size doll) when I was her age too.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Funny ha-has

So many of you wonderful ladies are good about posting funny things your kids say. I am not good at this but I want to be better.

So we have been trying the potty training thing without any success. I started cold turkey and ended up (Wendy you witnessed) MAJOR temper tantrums that stopped when I stopped with the pressure to pee-pee in the potty. Typical with Noel, she must decide she wants to and no one on this planet is going to force her otherwise.

Since then I rememind Noel almost daily that she can (she is able since she'll do it if she feel like she wants a treat) to pee-pee in the potty and wear big girl undies. Well this morning Eric said, "You know Noel, you really need to poo-poo and pee in the potty" to which she replied, "Me know dad! Mommy tells me that too." Like DUGH DAD where were you?! with typical Noel look that she's given since birth to people she finds to be reduiculas. Well, at least I know she knows.... :^)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Last September photos and into October

Ty is almost crawling. Any day now. My how the times goes by...

Mom and Ty

Out for a walk

Noel is a wonderful big sister.

Last of the Crosby Pictures

All snuggled up on the couch
The girls...

So fun. Noel asked the other day if Kase and Marika could come over to play... I told her we'd take a trip to see them soon!

At the Falls

We had so much fun. It was such a treat to have our friends visit.