Thursday, January 28, 2010

New phones today! But a bone to pick with Verizon

So when we decided to get new phones since our 2 year contract is up, I really got my heart set on this....
It is purple and oh so sleek! But unfortunately in order to have it, you have to pay an extra $40/mo for a data package. Since I am by far not that cool, I ended up with this....

Now, it is still in Flamingo Red and is very comfy to the ear. Plus it slides out to text. Best of all they (Eric's too) were free and do not require any extra cash to use. I must say, I was steamin' mad when I found out about all this from Verizon. We have Verizon because they have the best coverage and with Eric's job, that is a must. Plus almost everyone we know is on Verizon - which means free in calling. But come on!! Like their plans don't already cost A FORTUNE. Their 3G phones require a data package, no more pay as you use. Stupid Verizon. But over all I am happy... Even if my phone isn't purple. Or blue. Or green. Red is nice still.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thoughts about weight in winter

"Scarlett, you dun had a baby. You ain' never goin' be no 19 inches ev'r again." sigh...

Why does my belly still look 5 months pregnant? I think maybe because it was a year ago stretched beyond reason, again. Maybe because I enjoy Shelly's oatmeal fudge cookies too much... Maybe because running in place in my living room (yes laugh it up) on the Wii for 30 minutes isn't the same as real running... Maybe it doesn't matter because I have two beautiful children, even if my former perky little belly button now resembles Lost World Caverns. Maybe I am too content with where I am to do much about it. Just a thought... :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A long week, but a good week

Natalie, you are right I should blog more often. So here is a post for this week.
So this week was long. It started with a sweet and sour weekend, followed by a Monday I'd like to forget. Eric went to work Monday morning and just got home late last night - Thursday. But it was a good week for growth, mostly for me. I have two good recipes I'll post for you, too. Anyway, so we posted a poster that says, "Our home is a happy home" and has the following rules: 1) Be nice (smiling sun) 2) share (toy truck) 3) Listen to mom and dad (cartoon person with a large ear) 4) Mom and dad listen to the children (dad walking with a daughter) 5) Help each other (table place setting) 6) Love one another as Jesus loves you (heart in hands, picture of Jesus). Taking the wonderful advice and reminders from, I strove to be ALWAYS kind and patient with Noel, no matter how snudy or stubborn . It has worked. I am so glad to have Eric home this morning. I love what I do, but I am hoping to have some time to myself this weekend. Just a little :^)
OK so the recipes - one is a crock pot which was so easy. It is a red beans and rice recipe from my friend's blog with a corn pudding from Paula Dean (modified) which is so creamy and yummy. Saturday night I made the corn pudding and assembled everything but the water in the crock pot and put it in the fridge. Sunday morning, I poured in the water to the crock pot and set it on high for 5 hours so it was almost done when we got home from church (the house smelt AMAZING!). An hour before we ate, I threw in the corn pudding ans started the rice. Yum Yum. The other recipe came when on Monday night I wanted something fast like pancakes, but wanted to incorporate some vegetable. Thus, pumpkin pancakes.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Prayers for a little man

I am asking anyone who happens to read this to say a prayer this week for Alex Clayton. If you are unfamiliar with an infant's head, the top of the skull is supposed to have "floating" plates that fuse as the child becomes older. This allows for birth and the rapid growth of the brain during the first 1-2 years of life. Little Alex (7 months) had his plates fuse prematurely. He will be going in for surgery this week. The doctors will have to remove parts of his skull to allow for his brain to grow properly. As you might imagine, this will be a painful recovery. This family also lost their previous child shortly after birth, so I'm sure it is a very tense and anxious time for them. Prayers on their behalf would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, and God bless.

Friday, January 8, 2010

OK the rest of those holiday photos...

My dad and Judy's house has the most beautiful view. One morning the fog was rolling through and it was just breath taking... Of course my camera skills are not. Oh well.

Dad (Papa Harris) and Noel

Judy (Grandma Ju ju) and Ty

Me and Ty

Myself and the kids at the Greenbrier. We had a great day. We went for a sleight ride, walked around the shops, ate cookies at tea time (actually Noel at too many and threw up that night... alas..). Oh and no she didn't blink. This is the "I don't want to smile at the camera" face. She's been making that face since, oh birth.

I bribed her with candy to smile. It worked!!

Ty got a ball for Christmas. He likes to kick it around.

Christmas tree at my mom's. These are not in the right order, but you'll get the over all feel of Christmas :)

Santa brough Noel her own sunglasses
Ty's a cool dude.... In his sister's sunglasses....

Hamilton is also a cool dude...

Christmas at dad and Judy's with Hammer and Katie

(My) Dad and the kids. There is Noel's un-smile again. Silly girl.