Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tripple Stroller to the OR hopefully not RIP

OK so this was just a cute pic of Ty
Here is my triple jogger craigslist/yard sale find. I had a Joovy Big Caboose but it was sooo hard to push let alone TURN! AND it didn't fit in my VAN. AND the seats were for bigger kids so to put Jackson in it, he had to be in his car seat which attached to it, which he hated. I was feeling very down because it was so much effort to go out to the park or for a walk in the Joovy. Long, long ago Sarah had sent me a link to this listed on Craigslist. I thought she was nuts at first. It was rather expensive for a used stroller - this was BEFORE my issues with the Joovy. I thought it might be worth looking at so I decided to call the lady and she was selling it the next day at a yard sale. She too had three kids close together in age. I am pretty sure she bought it used as it has definitely seen better days. But I got it home, we went out, and I fell in love! It was so easy to push - even with 80 some odd pounds in it. The children also enjoyed riding in it - they were next to each other instead of in a row. It fit nicely tucked out of the way in the front hall (and fit in my van!) so it was easy to take out and put away (as opposed to having to store it in the packed shed in our back yard). But alas on 8/17/2011 the day I decided to take the below picture, while half way to the park (the park we go to is 1 mile away even though there are closer parks, the point is for me to get a workout!) the back wheel fell off the axle. I had to kick it back into place every other step all the way home. Upon inspection that night, I realized what I feared - the mechanism that holds the wheel in place (poorly designed if you ask me) had broken off. I am going to try and take it to a bike shop and see what they can do - if not I will see if Eric can sodder the wheel to the axle... if not.... I will cry because it will be RIP triple stroller and there is no way on this planet I can afford a new one and they are hard to come by second hand. <>