Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Baby News

At my appointment on Monday everything looked good from the ultrasound except the tech (or dr who wrote the report - not sure which) said their was a small amniotic band. This news wasn't particularly disturbing, but I am eager to get my level 2 (3D) ultrasound to check things out more clearly. An amniotic band is a big deal, but is often misdiagnosed when a band is "found" before problems are present (as they are extremely hard to see). In other words, usually the ultrasound shows growth restriction or missing or odd sized body parts that are later linked to amniotic band when the level 2 is done. Basically what the band is, is like a string floating around in the amniotic sac (sometime attached to the side, sometimes not). They can entangle themselves on digits, limbs, etc. This can cause major deformities as the child keeps growing but the string does not. My level 2 is scheduled for the 4th and we are very hopeful that all will be well.

After much contemplation, we THINK we've found his name - Jackson Rian.

Noel wanted her picture too.

Late October Fun

When arriving at Chrissy's house, Jake - the kid's cousin who is just older than Ty, had passed out on the couch. Ty, who loves Jake, decided to join him until he woke up to play.

Last Saturday we went to the Great Escape for Fright Fest. They had trick-or-treating for the children. Here is our favorite Cinderella. She is by far the best and NEVER gets out of character. We think she's great.

Ty's Halloween costume is actually a skunk, but not wanting to carry a skunk and pooh bear costume around, he went in his doggie sweatsuit.

The Big Rigs are Noel and Ty's favorite ride. It is so funny because there are all sorts of amazing kids rides, but the tride and true classic truck ride is their favorite (I mean, don't you all remember going on this ride as a kid?)

We made bats today for craft time. I am trying to have at least two days a week where Noel and I work on her pencil skills and then we do a craft. Today we did a family of bats using our hands as their wings! Noel did great and Ty was a terror as usual (craft time is very challenging with him). Over all it was really fun.

Friday, October 15, 2010

October Madness

I love October. We had General Conference, Stake Conference, the Crosby family come to visit, AND we found out we're having a boy!!! We weren't going to find out, but I was suddenly hit with the feeling like - I HAVE TO KNOW. Plus I noticed he was a he when they were measuring the femur bones anyway. We struggle with names so we're trying to come up with ones we like (at least there are some we like this time!) and pray about it as we go. We like Ryan, Dawson, and Ashton so far. We're open for suggestions. I'll do my best with the ultrasound pics - for Ty's ultra sound they put on a CD which was so nice for blogging. But this time we just have pictures. He is very active - the most active baby so far. I feel him moving all the time. He was doing flips while she was doing the ultrasound. It was so fun to watch him stretch out his legs and arms, and arch his back - like doing a back hand spring.

The head is on the right side. You can see where the eyes sockets are, he is looking at the "camera".

We also had our dear friends visit from Richmond. We had such a good time. When they left, it was like that feeling after Christmas when all the fun is over. We just love having them visit!

We took them apple picking on the only day it wasn't raining. NY had an early frost so most of the apple crop was ruined. But we managed to find some. We had to climb on ladders to do so!

Kase found a HUGE apple!

The kids were so good.

There was one afternoon that it didn't rain. We went to the play ground for all of 5 minutes before Eric started ushering us home (pilots don't predict weather, they read it as it comes!)- and it started to pour so we had to r-u-n!

We also went to the State Museum. I love this picture!

A little R&R after the company left. We re-arranged our living room. I'll have to get pics of that.

The following weekend we had apple picking with a group from church. We tried to get a good family picture... The kids were less than cooperative but you get the idea.