Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Baby News

At my appointment on Monday everything looked good from the ultrasound except the tech (or dr who wrote the report - not sure which) said their was a small amniotic band. This news wasn't particularly disturbing, but I am eager to get my level 2 (3D) ultrasound to check things out more clearly. An amniotic band is a big deal, but is often misdiagnosed when a band is "found" before problems are present (as they are extremely hard to see). In other words, usually the ultrasound shows growth restriction or missing or odd sized body parts that are later linked to amniotic band when the level 2 is done. Basically what the band is, is like a string floating around in the amniotic sac (sometime attached to the side, sometimes not). They can entangle themselves on digits, limbs, etc. This can cause major deformities as the child keeps growing but the string does not. My level 2 is scheduled for the 4th and we are very hopeful that all will be well.

After much contemplation, we THINK we've found his name - Jackson Rian.

Noel wanted her picture too.


Natalie said...

I hope it turns out to be nothing...its always a little scary when you can't know what is going on with the baby all of the time. You just have to do what you can and hope that all is growing as it should be. You'll have to let us know the results, okay? I love the name (of course I would, with a little Jack of my own=). You look fantastic! Can't wait for the next update.

rian said...

So hard when things don't look right, but no matter what I am absolutely sure he will be a very loved and cared for boy. I am also a big fan of Rian with an 'i'.