Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Late October Fun

When arriving at Chrissy's house, Jake - the kid's cousin who is just older than Ty, had passed out on the couch. Ty, who loves Jake, decided to join him until he woke up to play.

Last Saturday we went to the Great Escape for Fright Fest. They had trick-or-treating for the children. Here is our favorite Cinderella. She is by far the best and NEVER gets out of character. We think she's great.

Ty's Halloween costume is actually a skunk, but not wanting to carry a skunk and pooh bear costume around, he went in his doggie sweatsuit.

The Big Rigs are Noel and Ty's favorite ride. It is so funny because there are all sorts of amazing kids rides, but the tride and true classic truck ride is their favorite (I mean, don't you all remember going on this ride as a kid?)

We made bats today for craft time. I am trying to have at least two days a week where Noel and I work on her pencil skills and then we do a craft. Today we did a family of bats using our hands as their wings! Noel did great and Ty was a terror as usual (craft time is very challenging with him). Over all it was really fun.

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