Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Yes we are still here... Somewhere

Sorry for the posting drought.  Our camera has been malfunctioning for awhile, and I kept ignoring it.  Just the other day I decided I was tired of not having a camera, so I bit the bullet and bought one.  Then threw it in the garbage the next day by accident. 

How could someone possibly be that dumb?  Well, I had bought it while staying a couple days with my sister-in-law.  When we arrived back home, it was late.  My plan had been to have the kids fall asleep in the car.  They didn't.  So it was all I could do to drag the contents of the car into the living room without issue.  The camera was in a Walmart bag, all tied up....  The next morning was trash day.  I had forgotten to take the trash out the last Friday which caused big issues (the upstairs tenant gets home at 7am but of course it didn't occur to him to TAKE THE GARBAGE OUT if it wasn't already at the curb by 7am...  but I digress).  So I woke and hurriedly grabbed all the garbage bags and rushed everything out to the garbage at the curb.  Went and took a shower, feeling like the day started off very well.  Got out of the shower and thought I might put together the new camera....  THE NEW CAMERA!  Oh you mean that little Walmart bag all tied up like a garbage bag that was in front of the door?  You mean the one I PUT IN THE GARBAGE??!!  Yes that one.  The cans were empty.  Once I got over the shock of my stupidity, I cried.  And cried.  I called Eric to confess I just threw almost $200 in the garbage.  I was bawling so hard he couldn't hear what I was saying.  When I finally got it out clearly, he laughed.  If he were in the room, I would have hit him.  He was just relieved it was "just" a camera.  He thought from the way I was crying something awful had happened.  Losing money stinks, but at least no one was hit by a car (what he thought happened).  I was in no mood to see the "silver lining."  But as the day progressed, I thought of a good friend of mine who just the day before, had very suddenly lost her 2 year old niece.  At least it was just a camera. 

And yes, we bought another one.  So there will be some pictures up here soon.  I just have to get in the habit of using it again :o)