Sunday, March 22, 2009

"You, doin' that thing you do..."

So I didn't have time to type any text last post. But this morning Eric is at church with Noel and Ty is sleeping. Hurray ME time! I wanted to post some funny things that Noel has begun to say. First of all naps have been difficult. Getting her energy out these days has been a challenge so she often doesn't sleep for her nap. She is also now tall enough to reach the door handle. Yesterday she had been in her room for about 40 minutes. She had been singing to herself and what-not. Well I then heard her door open, she came running into the office where I was, threw her arms up in the air and with a big grin said, "Me done sleeping mommy!" I think you can only be done if you started in the first place.... humm... Also when mischief has occurred - i.e. wipes taken out of the box, items of mommy's disappearing, coloring on the TV, etc. - the culprit is, "Baby Ty did it." Of course. Who else? I love my kids. Oh and Ty was having a case of cradle cap (dry skin patches for those of you who might not know) on top, front part of his head. So Noel and I gave him a bath and I gently worked on his head to exfoliate the skin. When I was done his skin was glowing and beautiful... But his hair was gone! I guess we're in for another bald baby. At least I won't have to stick bows to his head like I did with Noel. You can dress a girl all in pink but if she is bald, people automatically say, "Oh isn't HE cute?"

Friday, March 20, 2009

Thursday, March 12, 2009

First Sleep Over and First Water Bath

Baby Ty got his first water bath. He really liked it. Gratefully we were able to get him all clean before he went the bathroom in the water.

The girls spent the weekend. Noel LOVED it, of course.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

First Week Home

They call the first week the honeymoon and it was. Ty was wonderful. Fatigue has started to set in this week, but he is still wonderful - as is Noel. Having Eric home is priceless. I'm learning to do all the things I didn't do with Noel - sleep, use a pacifier and swing to get a break, etc. - but with Noel it creates more of a challenge. Gratefully for now I am able to do those things since Eric entertains Noel. Once he goes back to work I am sure life will become more of a balancing act!

Thank you to all our friends and family who have helped by feeding us! What a blessing you are in our lives.