Saturday, April 16, 2011

Noel my cleaning lady

So Blogger isn't letting me put this in the format I want and it is driving me crazy!! But here goes anyway... I'm putting Jackson down for a nap. Noel: MOM!! Me: What Noel? Noel: My eye hurts. Me: OK. Go look in the mirror and see if you see anything. Get up from putting Jackson down to sleep. Noel: Mom come look at the mirror! (radiant, beaming face) Walk into the bathroom. There is water all over the mirror. Me: What happened??! Noel: I cleaned the mirror. Me: (quick correction in tone) Oh, how nice of you honey. Noel: Yea, I came in and noticed that it just needed a little tidying up. So I washed it for you. Thanks Noel. You are too cute. Noel: Oh and mom, Ty spilt popcorn all over the living room. Sigh.

Made it through March

We bought a new bed but the box spring was really expensive! So Eric made a platform bed frame (shown without the middle). He did a great job and I love it!
Jackson getting a bath

Ty is very good with his little brother

Baby Jackson

April begins

Easter/spring clothes from Grandma Ju-Ju were perfect for our first week back in church.
I am glad I got pictures before I got ready because when I came out of the shower Ty was covered from head to toe with raspberry jelly. Awesome.

Jackson is getting more expressive and aware.

This sooo captures it, doesn't it?

They are always so cute when they sleep
Our new bed
Ty trying to breastfeed Jackson as I hurry to get Noel's room vacuumed
We made "dinosaur eggs" as seen on