Saturday, April 16, 2011

Made it through March

We bought a new bed but the box spring was really expensive! So Eric made a platform bed frame (shown without the middle). He did a great job and I love it!
Jackson getting a bath

Ty is very good with his little brother

Baby Jackson

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Natalie said...

oh, he is just SO cute! I hope all is going well for you right now. You'd think after five I would have things figured out, but I'd forgotten how crazy the first few months after having a baby are. I got through the first few weeks and thought, "well, we've made it through the hardest part, whew!" and then it gets hard in different ways. I love it, but it sure isn't easy! It's fun to see so many of my friends going through the transition a new baby brings. Looks like you all are doing well, and yes, those pictures of Eric with the 3 on his lap are worth a thousand words! ha ha! so cute!