Saturday, April 16, 2011

Noel my cleaning lady

So Blogger isn't letting me put this in the format I want and it is driving me crazy!! But here goes anyway... I'm putting Jackson down for a nap. Noel: MOM!! Me: What Noel? Noel: My eye hurts. Me: OK. Go look in the mirror and see if you see anything. Get up from putting Jackson down to sleep. Noel: Mom come look at the mirror! (radiant, beaming face) Walk into the bathroom. There is water all over the mirror. Me: What happened??! Noel: I cleaned the mirror. Me: (quick correction in tone) Oh, how nice of you honey. Noel: Yea, I came in and noticed that it just needed a little tidying up. So I washed it for you. Thanks Noel. You are too cute. Noel: Oh and mom, Ty spilt popcorn all over the living room. Sigh.

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