Thursday, September 29, 2011

Last of my uploaded photos for now

It is amazing how much Jackson has changed even from not so long ago when I took these pictures.

Shots by Noel (most of them were not very flattering or of things like my flour bucket so I'll just post these two)
Self portrait.

Golf Tournament in Port Kent and Walk Down Memory Lane

**warning - do not adjust your screen** most of the following pictures have the finger print of a wonderful little girl right in the center of the photo. I have since removed the smug. It's not your eye sight - it's the picture.

Our kids smile in a family photo? Nawwwwww

At least they are looking at the camera this time

Ricky (my cousin), Aunt Martha, Russell (my cousin, Ricky's older brother), Eric, Rachael -Ty and Noel

The course is really amazing. They views are incredible! I think Grandpa Harmon would be pleased

Oh the Port Kent beach. I have many memories from this beach...

24 years ago there was another 4 year old little girl standing in that same place contemplating the vastness of Lake Champlain; taking in the goodness of childhood...


I always wondered why my grandma, mom, and aunts never wanted to go in the water. Now I unerstand ;o)<

Our 22 lbs 6 month old Jackson

How can you resist those thighs? I feel the photos don't even do him justice. He is such a chunk! At his 6 month appointment he was 21 lbs 7 oz (95%) 27 1/2 inches (80%)!

Late Agust and Early September 2011