Thursday, September 29, 2011

Golf Tournament in Port Kent and Walk Down Memory Lane

**warning - do not adjust your screen** most of the following pictures have the finger print of a wonderful little girl right in the center of the photo. I have since removed the smug. It's not your eye sight - it's the picture.

Our kids smile in a family photo? Nawwwwww

At least they are looking at the camera this time

Ricky (my cousin), Aunt Martha, Russell (my cousin, Ricky's older brother), Eric, Rachael -Ty and Noel

The course is really amazing. They views are incredible! I think Grandpa Harmon would be pleased

Oh the Port Kent beach. I have many memories from this beach...

24 years ago there was another 4 year old little girl standing in that same place contemplating the vastness of Lake Champlain; taking in the goodness of childhood...


I always wondered why my grandma, mom, and aunts never wanted to go in the water. Now I unerstand ;o)<

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