Friday, October 15, 2010

October Madness

I love October. We had General Conference, Stake Conference, the Crosby family come to visit, AND we found out we're having a boy!!! We weren't going to find out, but I was suddenly hit with the feeling like - I HAVE TO KNOW. Plus I noticed he was a he when they were measuring the femur bones anyway. We struggle with names so we're trying to come up with ones we like (at least there are some we like this time!) and pray about it as we go. We like Ryan, Dawson, and Ashton so far. We're open for suggestions. I'll do my best with the ultrasound pics - for Ty's ultra sound they put on a CD which was so nice for blogging. But this time we just have pictures. He is very active - the most active baby so far. I feel him moving all the time. He was doing flips while she was doing the ultrasound. It was so fun to watch him stretch out his legs and arms, and arch his back - like doing a back hand spring.

The head is on the right side. You can see where the eyes sockets are, he is looking at the "camera".

We also had our dear friends visit from Richmond. We had such a good time. When they left, it was like that feeling after Christmas when all the fun is over. We just love having them visit!

We took them apple picking on the only day it wasn't raining. NY had an early frost so most of the apple crop was ruined. But we managed to find some. We had to climb on ladders to do so!

Kase found a HUGE apple!

The kids were so good.

There was one afternoon that it didn't rain. We went to the play ground for all of 5 minutes before Eric started ushering us home (pilots don't predict weather, they read it as it comes!)- and it started to pour so we had to r-u-n!

We also went to the State Museum. I love this picture!

A little R&R after the company left. We re-arranged our living room. I'll have to get pics of that.

The following weekend we had apple picking with a group from church. We tried to get a good family picture... The kids were less than cooperative but you get the idea.


Heidi Crosby said...

Ooh we had a blast! Thank you, thank you! Hey, I really like that header picture of your fam. I'd say it turned out really well! I have more pictures of our trip--some really cute ones of Noel, actually--that I didn't post on my blog. (I had a hunch I was overdoing it with the pics as it was :) Anyway, I'll burn them to a CD and give them to Eric this week when he comes. Maybe you do the same in case you have fun ones I don't?

Oh, and do you need some baby boy handmedowns? Someone gave me some today and they're too small for Corbin. Since my next is a girl, I'd be happy to share the wealth. Just let me know. Congrats on a boy. I like the name Ryan.

Love you!

Smathers House of Girls said...

That's so exciting! I won't lie. I'm very jealous that you're having a boy! Ok, I'm very jealous of anyone having a BABY right now :) I will never understand how some people get family pictures with EVERYONE looking in the same direction.

Fichtner Family said...

Heidi - I really took fewer pictures than I thought. I will try to get them all to you through Eric. I would love the pics and the baby boy clothes, thank you! I will remind Eric to call Josh about when he'll be there Sunday.

Sharee - I'm praying for you! You know, I have had a couple friends who struggled with getting pregnant get pregnant recently... Here's to hoping!! And if you noticed, Noel would NOT smile for the picture. I don't know what was into her that day. Probably over tired :)

Chippy said...

They are getting so big!! I wish we were closer! I miss you tons :)