Tuesday, November 3, 2009

October 2009

We has such a wonderful October. The colors this year were awesome, and they stuck around all month. It was colder than normal, but hey you can't have it all right? Here are some random pics from this month.

These are some sugar cookies I made to celebrate the season.

Ty just learning to move and scoot.

Carving pumpkins with the cousins before Marie and Brian's joint birthday party.

Noel's pumpkin is the little one with the baby face... I helped. Ok so I did most of it. She didn't seems to have much interest. I had a blast.

Ty likes to sit with me while I cook. We had some little potatoes that grew out of our compost that he was playing with. He threw one and I couldn't figure out where in the world it went! Well, when I was switching over the laundry, I found a mighty clean baby potato in the washing machine.

Our tenants came into some money and decided they wanted Eric to take them up in a general aviation plane. So we flew out of Glens Falls, went to Burlington, had lunch, and few home. It was wonderful! It was the first whole day for both of us without either of our children (well since Ty was born). We missed them, but it was a nice break!

Marie, Noel and Ty on Halloween before dinner. We got our ideas from www.ourbestbites.com which our friend Kate and her friend Sarah started. It is totally awesome. We had Candy Corn Pizza (use mozzarella and cheddar to make it look like candy corn), and Mummy Dogs which were hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls with mustard eyes. Anyway, Noel just looks so big to me in this picture.

Ty is so silly.

Noel went as Raggedy Ann. She was SOOO cute! I wish she'd smile at the camera for once. In this picture I had forgotten to draw on her triangle nose. I actually wore this costume (from a life size doll) when I was her age too.


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Heidi Crosby said...

Those are awesome pics! I'm glad you and Eric got to go off for a day. And that potato story is really funny! Miss you guys!