Friday, July 8, 2011

Jackson's 4 month checkup

Jackson is healthy and happy. He is 27 inches long and 18 LBS 12oz. That is 90% weight, 94% height. I forgot head circumference. The doctor asked if we have tall people in our family. I wanted to laugh, not really! Eric's brothers are only slightly taller than Eric. Brent being the tallest of all 4 at 6ft. Heaven knows I'm not tall, and Ham is average. So are both of our parents. I think when Jacks is 2 and Ty is 4 people are going to be asking me if they're twins! And Noel, sorry honey, despite being 4 1/2, you're still looking at least another year - probably more - until you can legally be in a booster seat in NYS where the requirements are 40LBS.

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Wife of dastew said...

We knew a family when we lived in Utah, their 1 year old son was much bigger than their 3 year old son. The 1 year old looked like the michelin tire guy and the 3 year old looked like a 2 year old. I wonder if that's changed since now they are both over 10.