Friday, May 7, 2010

Ode to the Lady, the Princess

Noel's Idols:
Facncy Nancy


and Maria from The Sound of Music

This little girl loves to be girly and is very sure that she is a princess. I love watching her wear all sorts of fun costumes. I can't wait to uncover my dress-up box out in the shed. It will make lugging it around for 6+ year totally worth it!!


Natalie said...

Oh my, what a girl! So fun. I told Kevin yesterday that if we don't get a girl next I just might have to cry a little. Even more now! I love that little girl, she is such a sweet princess. She looks so grown up in that picture in the green shirt!

Fichtner Family said...

Thanks Natalie! I know, I think it is the fake pearls and the crossed legs. When did they grow up so fast?