Thursday, May 6, 2010

A few Random things...

We now own a van instead of a SUV. We LOVE it. We got a good deal too. We had to go to NJ to get it, but hey it was worth saving - oh 4K. We sold our Suzuki on Craigslist. The guy picked it up the same day we brought this home. It worked out perfectly. It even seats 8. That may seem like over kill to some but believe me I have already used all 8 seats several times. Keep in mind we have family near by and we often have each other's children. It has higher miles, but hey it's a Honda. It is even *blue* :^) Well, technically they call it grey-blue, but hey it is my favorite color just the same.

Eric also put up some cabinets to make up for the lost space when we put in the dishwasher. They go so well with the kitchen. It is nice to have a little more cabinet space. Ty helped. That is his toy hammer in the picture below.

*the white book case is gone now so it isn't as cramped.

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Smathers House of Girls said...

Nice! I love our van. It does automatically make us the car pool vehicle but that's ok. I just make Jake drive anyway :)