Friday, March 4, 2011

Why Eric is in the ICU

First of all Eric has a condition that has a technical term but basically means he has a small esophagus that get inflamed easily. We discovered this 5 years ago when I graduated college with a big incidence at dinner with my dad and step mom where he got something lodged for the first time.

Well it happened again today. Ironically we were going to go out to lunch and had our amazing friend Jen already over to watch the kids. He knew it was really stuck so we set off to the emergency room at St.Mary's. Since it happened before we went over to ER and were sent over to the GI department where they set him up for an endoscopy - like last time. WELL unlike last time where everything went smoothly and he was out with a "healing purple pill" regiment for a couple days and no solid foods... THIS time he convulsed during the procedure and the instrument pierced his esophagus. So they did a CAT to confirm and sent him over to Albany Med where they have more advanced technology.

There is good and bad news. The tear is contained and is not leaking as of right now so that is good - the bad is that if it leaks it is a huge deal and he will be rushed to surgery to repair it. PRAY we don't have to have surgery because that has a 5 day in hospital stay attached and yes I am "due" Sunday. He is stable and doing much better now. He was really out of it for a while.

So that's that and I am sorry to my dad, Judy, and Glenn and Martha who have been calling. I have to leave to answer the phone and it is a pain to get in and out because of the security.


Natalie said...

how scary! I'll be praying for you both that all will go well. that's just crazy that it would happen right now...good luck!

dastew said...

That's terrifying. Sorry if I seemed glib on Facebook. I hope everything works out. We're praying for you.

Karen Jensen said...

oh my gosh! I remember that time 5 years ago... I'm so sorry you guys have to go through this right now. we love you guys!

Smathers House of Girls said...

He's in our prayers!