Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Up-date

We're not out of the woods but we can see the light. Eric and I were both ready to tell the doctor to go ahead with the surgery this morning. But when he and another doctor looked over his most recent chest xray, they said it looked great. His fever is gone. He said he was very encouraged and said he feels that we are on the right track. Yesterday was the scary day because he could have gone either way. It was risky to wait and not do surgery, but the doctor said the longer he did well, the greater the chances he will continue to do well. It something we were stressing over all day and night (at least I was!! Eric was confident in his body's ability to heal - what faith). It seems he was correct. We are still in the Cardiac Pulmonary Surgery Unit and will be for the rest of the day (we are here so he can be monitored constantly as it is very intensive care and any changes will be reported immediately to the doc as opposed to a couple hours if he were on the regular floor). But tomorrow if nothing has changed, he can go upstairs to the "regular" recovery floor. And if things remain good, he can possibly have liquids by mouth by Tuesday! Yea! So we ALL (doctor included) feel very relieved, although we are still being diligent and prayerful since like I said we aren't totally out of the woods YET.

I know there was more but I can't remember what it was... My brain is fuzzy. Jackson is moving around a lot more today. I'm just hoping he hangs in there a couple more days. But gratefully my mom is on her way up, which is SUCH a relief.

Thank you everyone for your prayers, fasts, and well wishes. We can't thank you enough!


Smathers House of Girls said...

I fasted for your family today. I am so glad to see a good update. I was checking my blogger by phone in the middle of sunday school....That's ok, right....if I've only done it once....anyway, so glad to hear that he's doing well and Jackson's hanging in there. My offer still stands if you need any help at all.

Brent and Janae Pickett said...

We fasted for you today too--glad to know that you're doing better.