Thursday, January 20, 2011

Baby Jacks Up-date

I had a midwife appointment on the 17th with a 33 week "check-up" ultrasound. Fluid levels are good. He is head down, rear facing, legs crossed (criss-cross apple sauce its called now) ready to go. We didn't get any pictures because all you could see is the back of his head and a slight profile. I wouldn't mind if he came just a smidgen early because they guess (and really they can be way off. I am not particularly impressed with this ultrasound tech anyway) he is 5LBS already. Um I am NOT having a 9 LBS baby. I don't think my hips would be too happy about that. But like I said, this is the same tech who was convinced (we even talked about it this time) that I had an amniotic band. Of course when I had the level 2 at a different location, neither the tech nor the OB could find anything that could even be mistaken for a band. Anyway, I digress. The midwife said his heart rate is very strong and increases when he moves as it should. He was moving like crazy while she was holding the Doppler which was really funny to watch. My whole belly was moving like something was trying to escape. He moves so differently than my other babies. Noel and Ty by this point mostly rolled. You would feel the roll to one side and the other. Sometimes a kick to the rib or a punch to the hip. But Jackson.... He likes to stretch and does it frequently. It feels so odd as his feet hit just above where my ribs start on the left, and his arms will push on my lower right hip. It doesn't hurt... Yet. We'll see how it feels when he gets a little longer!!


LittleFamilyJL said...

I don't think I knew you were pregnant. Congratulations!!! And your kids are getting so big, and so cute!!!!

Fichtner Family said...

Thanks Linda! I have some how lost the link to your family's blog. I know I changed it when you changed it to invites only. But if you wouldn't mind re-inviting me so I can catch up on your cute family?