Thursday, January 20, 2011

5 Little Snow Flakes

I have this website I really love, dltk-kids. We printed off 5 snow flakes and a sun to color. Then cut them out and put straws on the back to make it so the kids could hold them up. We then sang the song on the craft page about 5 little snowflakes. The kids loved it! I tried to take pictures but my camera won't focus. Is anything electronic meant to last these days???!! Anywho, I will TRY TRY TRY to do a catch up photo post very soon... maybe even nap time if I can persuade Noel to give me a little space.

Here is the link to that page if anyone wants an easy and fun preschool winter activity:


Smathers House of Girls said...

Fun! I've been looking for fun crafty things for Lacey to do.

Fichtner Family said...

I think Lacey will love it! Although I must say, it is kind of like singing "Once there was a snowman" over and over and over... Ahhh the life of a stay at home mom.