Friday, February 19, 2010

My Little Ty Russell

Is 1 year old today! Happy Birthday!!

1 day old... mommy loves to kiss the softest skin lips have ever felt

1 month everything is so new, not sure what to think yet

2 months bald little man discovers he has hands!

3 months learns his fingers make him feel calm when mommy's not there

4 months learns to sit up and grab things to play with

5 months discovers toes

6 months discovers his inner Happy

7 months realizes that he's a pretty cool dude

8 months old and can manuver around all on my own - wooohoo!

9 months wants to feel the wind outside

10 months discovers he can squirm away from sister's grasp... And further discovers Happy self

11 months loves to walk with the help of the play house and anyone who will hold my hand!

... And try to convince mommy with my cute smile that I'm not trying to eat her slipper...

.... And further discover Happy self

... And that he is still - A Cool Dude.

I love you sweet baby Ty! You are my happy and sweet baby. You are so good. You are a joy and pleasure in my life. I knew I loved you forever from the moment I felt your little body on my chest and you looked up at me and I at you... Love in an instant. Happy Birthday.


Natalie said...

He is such a beautiful baby. I remember first seeing pictures of him a year ago. I was VERY pregnant with Austin and seeing your sweet Ty made me all the more anxious to have my baby. He is so sweet, I love all the pictures and the cute little glimpses into his personality. Happy Birthday Ty!

Heidi Crosby said...

What a sweet tribute! He IS such a fun baby, I love his smile and his EYES! How I wish we lived close so he and Corbin could play now. Happy Birthday, and congratulations to you, too. Mothers deserve congratulations at children's birthdays, I think.

Natalie Pyles said...

Rae, this is so cute! Happy Birthday Ty!