Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tis' the Season

Well, we harvested our last tomato crop today. There is going to be frost tonight, and I need to get the greenies in to ripen. We made and canned spaghetti sauce - 3 quarts and 1 pint. It took 1 1/2 grocery bags of tomatoes! But hey, what else are you going to do with that many tomatoes? We have a few bags of apples from Dave and Chrissy's house (they have 3 apple tree) and we plan to make apple sauce tomorrow. This is the first time I have actually canned. I have prepared to do it for years now as we inherited a lot of canning items from Eric's mom. But it doesn't really make sense to do it unless you have your own crop of fruit or veggies since generally you need such large quantities. Just another reason to have a garden! On day I'd love to have our own fruit trees. One day.

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Chippy said...

That is so great you are so resourceful. I wish I had even the desire to do it :)