Friday, August 29, 2008

Baby Loves the Babyback!

I apologise to all of our friends out there who might be veggie heads. We're not... At all. We finally decided to try a BBQ place in Cohoes called the Pig Pit that we remembered from living here before (lovely name I know - that is why it took us so long to try it). I went on-line and it was rated #1 BBQ in the Capital Region for 3 years running. The guy is from Texas, came here, and opened the Pig Pit about 5 years ago. Well, the Fichtner reviews are in - YUMMO! The food was great and the service was great too! Even Noel gobbled up a little pulled pork, and she HAD to try those lovely things called ribs that dad was eating. For that I had to get a picture because it was too cute!


dastew said...

Great yet another blog to read. No wonder I rarely post anymore.

Chippy said...

Those pictures are sooo cute. I miss you like crazy!!!