Sunday, June 29, 2008

We now have a cat

We decided it was time for a family pet. So we went to a local shelter and found this darling whom we re-named Samantha. (Her name was Lambie, but we thought that was kind of weird) She is a GREAT cat. She is 5 years old and very calm. She is very tolerant of Noel and stays off the furniture for the most part. It is obvious she is just so happy to not be in a shelter any more. She came from a home where she was well loved, but a new baby was allergic. She had been in the shelter for 6 months. It is hard to find homes for adult cats which is funny because they are so much easier than any kitten or young cat! Part of me thinks I must be crazy to add more work to my life - vacuuming everywhere every day, brushing her, feeding her, cleaning the litter box - but she is just such a grateful cat I can't help but like her.

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