Friday, July 25, 2008

Noel and Hats

Noel has discovered that she really likes hats. She likes to wear them and makes her mom and dad wear them sometimes too!

Trip to Plattsburgh the week of July 4th

The Port Kent Ferry has always brought joy to this "little" girls heart.

My mom came to visit and we drove up to Port Kent and stayed with my Aunt and Uncle at their camp on Lake Champlain.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Family Photos

The Upstairs is DONE!!

He did it! Eric was able to complete the renovations (with the help from Dave and Glenn). I can't say he got a real vacation this year, but the apartment is ready to rent! Here are some before and after pictures to give you an idea of all the hard work he's done...


The bathroom was so nasty. The floor sloped in one direction by the toilet. We found out later that was because the floor was rotten and the only thing holding up the toilet was three lays of linoleum and tile. YIKES! That's fixed.

When I tore off the two layers of plastic tub surround (and no concrete board of course) we found a window... Humm, quick cover that back up! We can't even open that can of worms.

In the old kitchen, the sink was against the wall with the washing machine next to it, then nothing for 8 feet, then a little two door cabinet, then the fridge in the corner. It was terrible. All the flooring had to come up too (this picture is after most of the decontrucation).


Eric tiled the bathroom floor and tub surround. We replaced the vanity, fixtures, toilet, and painted of course.

Eric also tiled the kitchen. There is now a hook up for a washer AND dryer against the wall BEFORE the sink (not after like before).

The counters, and cabinets are new. He took down part of the drop ceiling and put up sheet rock, painted, and put up new trim. He also installed a hood to go over the stove. There are new lights and the appliances are clean (oh so gross - I found black mold in the freezer). The last thing left to do (all the floors are clean and walls painted in the rest of the place) will be clean the debris off the porch on the back and put on the end caps to the counters (I have to buy an iron - I guess we left ours in Utah).